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Sensei Wayne Roy is the founder of Ninjutsu in Australia, and is a world leader in the development of effective training programs based on the Japanese martial art of ninjutsu.

Originally a Student of Nagato Sensei, and Grandmaster Hatsumi, Wayne Roy has continued to evolve the traditional techniques of old into a dynamic and effective modern art form.

By combining the traditional strategies and tactics of Ninjutsu, and adapting it to deal with todays fighting styles, Sensei Roy has developed a comprehensive martial arts program based on the concepts of movement, with less emphasis on perfecting technique.

We recently talked with Sensei Roy about this dynamic system:

"Most Ninjutsu Instructors around the world focus too much on the traditional techniques to the point of believing that a technique used on a battlefield 500 years ago will work today" commented Wayne Roy, "Unfortunately, in today's society, blindly following tradition will get you killed!"

"When a fight starts, and adrenalin is pumping through your system, you simply won't be able to perform those fancy fine motor techniques. Gross motor skills are vital, especially for beginners."

Sensei Roy's classes combine a mixture of traditional techniques ( for interest ), Modern street techniques, and weapon defences.

"Our training program has been designed to use the best that ninjutsu has to offer, and adapt it to handle today's modern street fighter."
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